Monday, September 1, 2014

Draft Day Movie Trailer

I LOVE sports movies!  Sweetie and I watched Draft Day Friday and Sunday, the 2nd time mostly for the fun, fast-paced wheeling dealing at the end. 

 Kostner's great at playing the low keyed guy with a secret reckless heart.  Which works because either he's a great actor who can pull that off, or his range of showing emotion isn't that wide.  Whichever, while walking the dogs, we decided to buy the DVD to watch occasionally for inspiration. 

You can trust the experts.  You can play by the book. Or you can make history.



Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Weekend & National Bacon Day!

It's a Double Dip holiday!  Not only is it the first day of our Labor Day Weekend, it's National Bacon Day!!  

I hope you enjoy both!



Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Photo: Irish Fields

In anticipation of BRIARWOOD COTTAGE, a new Castlelough novella  coming out next month (now did it get to be almost September already?!), today's Friday photo is from Ireland.  

The title was voted on my readers on Facebook, so if you'd like to occasionally have a say about titles, cover art, and other book related things, I'd love to have you  "like" my page.

You can also read the first chapter of Duncan and Cass' story on my website

Enjoy the green fields and for those of you in the States, have a safe and super holiday weekend! 

For those everywhere else, have a great regular weekend!  :)



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Cover Reveal for River's Bend!

I'm deep in writing mode on YOU AGAIN, my Shelter Bay Christmas story, which will be out November 11th, but I HAD to share this new cover for RIVER'S BEND, which is currently available in both print and ebook and should be ready for audio downloads next month.

 Although it's a spin-off from my Shelter Bay series, when I decided to make RIVER'S BEND the first book in a Murphy Brothers trilogy set in Southern Oregon ranching country where Sweetie and I grew up, I belatedly realized that -- duh -- maybe I should focus on the brothers!  

So, here's Cooper Murphy.  Enjoy! 



Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun Video: Country Music Role Reversal

Happy Monday! 

I've always liked country music.  Not only does it tell a story, those stories often echo many of the themes in my own books: loyalty, family, love, romance, breakups, make-ups, redemption, and yes, there are often even dogs.  

But while it's grand escapist fun watching, say, Kenny Chesney driving his green John Deere tractor, sometimes music videos and song lyrics, get, shall we just admit it?  Sexist.  Really, really sexist.  

Which is why I love (!!!) this video switching out the roles.  Enjoy.

Have a great week!  


Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday photo: Shelter Bay

We've just returned from Shelter Bay, aka the Oregon Coast, where Sweetie bought me a bag of salt water taffy, then proposed at the sea wall when I was eighteen. (Back then the girl could be had for taffy, lol.) 

We ate lots of yummy Dungeness crab and other local seafood, walked on the beach, and enjoyed a lovely dinner with writer friends. I also sat at the dining room table overlooking the ocean while writing SLOW DANCING IN SHELTER BAY, a holiday novella that will be published November 11th.  Views like this always prove inspiring! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 



Monday, July 28, 2014

Tangled Hearts is now on sale and the newsletter's online!

Happy Monday! 

It's always an exciting time when a book I've been working on so many months is finally available to readers, so I'm so happy to announce that TANGLED HEARTS is now on sale for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.  iBooks and print editions are coming in the next week or so.  You can read the back cover copy and an excerpt here.  There are also sales links to the various booksellers. 

Although I always advise subscribing to my newsletter to keep up with publication schedules and other news, I also share the newsletter online.  This issue has breaking news of my upcoming  holiday novel,  SLOW DANCING IN SHELTER BAY (publication date November 11th) in a Duet set with fab author and Iraq war vet Jessica Scott.  This is a project I'm really excited about and I hope everyone enjoys the story.   There are also updated publication dates for BRIARWOOD COTTAGE and Sedona's story. 

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week! 



Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Photo: CAT bookshelf

I hope everyone had a lovely week!  Ours was spent mostly running around town choosing the major items for the house we're building so we can have -- here's an idea!! -- an actual construction budget before we break ground.  Yesterday's bathroom granite choices negated Tuesday's bathroom tile choices, but I think we finally have everything pretty much settled. 

All that unplanned activity did put me a little, okay, a lot, behind schedule, but I'm back to waking up at four in the morning thinking about stories instead of tile and flooring. So, that's a plus.

These days it seems everyone in the book business is talking about metadata.  Which basically, is just info about your book. Data about data, essentially.  So, while doing the final checks before Tangled Hearts goes on sale, hopefully by the end of next week, I've been thinking a LOT about how important book CATegories can be. 

Thus this week's photo:

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy reading!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New House!

Three years after building this house while living three thousand miles away, we're doing it again! Though this time only five minutes away, which should make it much easier.  While I LOVE this area and the idea of downsizing in theory was appealing, it just didn't work for either of us or the dogs. 

 Those of you who've read this blog for a while may remember that mulch was once my life.  I miss my office, but I mostly miss my gardens.  And while he's no longer building his beautiful wooden boats, Sweetie misses having his own shop space instead of being in the corner of the garage, having to set things up every day, then putting them all away again to get the cars in. Then there's the wood dust all over everything. 

So,  a new adventure begins. . .

We've been spending the past weeks trying to decide on all the stuff that actually goes into a house.  Although we haven't broken ground on our lot yet, a construction contract has to be written up, so we need to have some idea of what we're doing so we'll know the cost ahead of time. Which is always a good idea.  :)

Yesterday, after spending way too many hours on pinterest these past weeks looking at hundreds of kitchens, we pretty much chose the floor (all hardwood except in the baths).  It's finally been nailed down to two choices and nothing like what I first started thinking about.  Also, we think we have the kitchen counters (will probably make decision on that tomorrow), we DO have the bath and kitchen styles and colors of cabinets picked out, the bath and shower surrounds,and the bathroom floors.  The bathroom floors are actually one of my first wants for the entire house, so now I have the best of both. 

I also have my paint colors.  I think. Sweetie's picking up a gallon after exercise at the gym today and I'm going to paint a wall here and live with it a while.  It's very close to the colors I have here, so all our furniture and accessories should work.  We're going with a single, uniting color at first because I like living in a house at least a year to watch the light through the seasons before deciding on individual room and accent colors. 

Meanwhile, I found this sink I really like for the Master, office, and guest baths.  It comes with either the three holes or one (haven't decided about that, but there's plenty of time) and the pretty sloped sides are actually functional, supposedly keeping the water from splashing out.  

For those of you waiting for new books, yes, this has admittedly gotten me behind. BUT, the important house things have been chosen, or will be tomorrow, so now I can buckle down and instead of waking up at four in the morning thinking about shower floors, I can wake up  at four thinking of characters and plot points! I hope to be caught up soon, but I also don't want to rush a story and not give you my best work.  

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!  I hope you'll come back for Friday's photo! 



Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Photo: I left my heart...

Today's Friday Photo is of a city where I spent my Flower Child days and one Sweetie and I love bunches. (It's true... you do leave at least a bit of your heart in this City by the Bay!)  San Francisco is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is why I set Tangled Hearts, which is coming out next week in all ebook formats and print, there.  

Here's a sneak peak at Tangled Heart's cover. Designer Syd Gill created a different look for this story and I think it's so romantic! 

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!  



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OWH VCMP Winner!

Thanks to all who participated in my Christmas/Winter challenge during Operation Write Home's gala Independence Day weekend Virtual Card Making Party!  Your cards were so special and it was grand fun seeing them all. 

The winner of this shiny new wooden Penny Black stamp, chose by Random Dot Org, is #15, Diane W!!!  Diane, if you'll email your post office mailing address to JoAnn AT JoAnnRoss DOT com, I'll get your stamp off to you!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did playing along with the challenges, although I'm STILL running behind.  Hopefully tomorrow's Midweek Throwndown will work with one of them so I can pull off a two-fer.

Have a great rest of your week!  Tonight's cooking class at the waterfront is an Italian seafood dinner.  One of the best meals Sweetie and I ever ate was a seafood dinner on an island in Italy's Lake Como (I suspect George Clooney must not have heard  we were there, because we never received an invitation to his house, lol), so we're really looking forward to this one.  I'll undoubtedly be sharing at least one recipe from the class here on the blog.