Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday photos & OWH cards

It's really amazing to think that these will be the final Friday photos of 2012! (Where did this year go?) But I have some great ones coming up for next year.  Unlike most I share, these weren't taken by me, but by Maria Swearingen, at the annual Portland, Oregon Christmas ships parade, which has been taking place on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers for the past fifty-eight years and now features between fifty-five and sixty boats!  In Sea Glass Winter (which goes on sale New Year's Eve!), Dillon and Claire come across the parade while she's in the city for an exhibition of her blown glass art.  

  Although I usually try to keep my card and writing blog posts separate, I was honored to have been asked by Sandy Allnock, founder and president of Operation Write Home (an organization that makes blank inside greeting cards for deployed service men and women send back home), to take on the Friday Featured card maker blog posts during 2013.  As an introduction, a few of my cards were featured today.  Here are three of my favorites.  And you can see others, and read my interview about card making and how I got involved with OWH on the Stars and Stamps blog. 
This was time consuming, but fun, because it's created from many 1/4" wide strips of paper glued down next to each other onto cardstock, then run through my Cuttlebug embossing machine to get the raised dots before gluing it onto the red cardstock backing.  I also colored the darling Penny Black stamp with my Copics and printed the sentiment out on my computer. 
Although I didn't send this card to Paula and Sandy to put on today's OWH blog, it's one of my personal favorites because I made it for a friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer.  After surgery last month, she's already well enough to be going out to our girl friend lunches and has been declared cancer free.  The stamp, which I colored with Copics, and the sentiment are from Mark's Finest Papers. 

While coloring isn't my strong suit (I'm working on it!), I'm pleased with how Ciara, the stamp of Sandy's dog, from Stampers' Best, turned out.  

Thanks so much for visiting!  I love receiving comments and read them all.  I hope readers will come back on January 1st, for news of Sea Glass Winter's publication celebration contest with what I personally think are the coolest gifts I've ever given away!  

Wishing everyone a New Year filled with peace, love, joy, and much friendship!  



Rachel Guerrero said...

Congrats on being asked to take over the Friday blog! Love your cards and your interview :)

JoAnn Ross said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm really looking forward to it! And the fun thing is that I get a sneak preview of everyone's featured cards. :)

Donna Nuce said...

Congratuations on being the featured cardmaker on OWH! Your cards are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Though I am new to your blog I wanted to welcome you to OWH. I love all of your cards. I am looking forward to more of them.I just bought one of your books and am looking forward to reading it. Mandee

Paula S. said...

Love the lemons card JoAnn and so glad to hear your friend is doing well! I look forward to working with you on the blog team and know you'll enjoy doing the Friday Features as much as I have.

LilyH said...

The name did not register until I saw the next book cover. How wonderful to find different pieces of my interests collide. I love your books and the idea that we are making cards for OWH too. The lemons card sentiment is perfect for two friends are undergoing therapy. Hope their outcome is similar.

JoAnn Ross said...

Thanks Donna!
Mandee, thanks for buying one of my books; I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks Paula! Coming from you that's extra lovely to hear. I was pleased with how the coloring turned out, though I'll admit I watched a you tube video on how to color lemons because I didn't have a clue. Fortunately, I had most of the Copic colors the woman used.

Lily! THANK YOU! I think reading and cardmaking mesh well together, because we're telling a short story with our cards. I think it really meshes with scrapbooking, which is just a visual story. I'll also use themes for my pages instead of specific occasions. Like my granddaughter's unique sense of style with outfits she'd create from toddler days to teens.

I'll think positive thoughts for your friends. It seems more and more people I know have been going through treatment; I can't remember that growing up.

Charlie said...

TG for people like you who are willing to participate in important projects like OWH. I have visited you on and off ever since the mutual OWH and OSH bloghop in the summer and love your happy and cute cards. I especially looove the Snoopy ones and I grew up reading this comic strip almost daily. Wishing you a Happy 2013 best wishes Charlie from the Danish OSH!