Monday, December 10, 2012

My Superstition Muse Mugs

I'm Irish. Which means I'm superstitious.  Which is why I always drink from a mug that somehow represents the story I'm writing.  While I have dozens collected over the years, the past few years the mugs have been from whatever service my hero is in.  

Such as this SEAL mug (note that it's super sized) :

Or my Nightstalker helicopter pilot mug: 

Here's my EOD mug I drank from while writing SEA GLASS WINTER:
One of my personal favorites, because it has such dark cop humor, is from the LAPD homicide division:
This is the mug I use when I'm making greeting cards, especially ones for Operation Write Home:
But this is my go-to mug for when I'm nearing a book deadline crunch.  Which would be the mug I'll be drinking from for the next four weeks: 

This is also the last day to comment to win a SEA GLASS WINTER advanced reading copy!   Winner will be announced tomorrow on the blog.  Just scroll down past the man cold video and Friday photo and you'll see it.  

Have a great week!




Sue Peace said...

Ha, ha, love your mugs!!! I have way too many mugs too, but I can't drink out of the Christmas ones in the summer or the fall ones in the spring, etc.!!! Or the morning one at night, lol!!!

Carol L said...

You have a great collection of vessels for your coffee, and isn't it funny how a certain mug can change your day? Which reminds me, it's time to get my gorgeous Waechtersbach Christmas mugs from the hutch and enjoy my coffee in holiday mode for a few weeks :)
Does the last cup you've shown really help you meet your deadlines? LOL

JoAnn Ross said...

Sue, I'm the same way. I can only drink from Christmas mugs after Thanksgiving! LOL about the morning/night one.

Carol, yes, it's time to get the coffee mugs out! As for the last cup, I think it does, because it reminds me that I really really need to be writing. I grew up Irish Catholic with a mother who was the West Coast distributor of guilt. So, I've got to believe it's effective! At least so far it's been working. :)

JoAnn Ross said...

Carol, I meant Christmas mugs! Sorry, my brain is all a fuzzle from fighting blogger's font glitch tonight.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Great collection of inspirational mugs.. The snippet is wonderful.. every young man's dream conversation - I would think!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Love the mugs!! I've got to switch up mine more often.. Love the snippet... I would think it would be every young man's dream conversation... said...

I love these mugs! I have a mug reserved for hot chocolate only. I have cups that I reserve for hot tea, because it's not a hot tea experience otherwise. And I have beautiful china cups and saucers that are winter themed, which only come out at this time of year. They were gifts.

And, LOL, I have the bottom most mug, which I ordered the first time I saw it. It's a real attitude adjuster. ;-)


Ng said...

Please, I MUST know where you got your "Muse most people need" mug!!

JoAnn Ross said...

Ng,I didn't remember where I found it, but after I shared it on FB, a reader found the link. Here it is: