Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Teaser, Sea Glass Winter contest & Giveaway

This Tuesday teaser is, again, from Sea Glass Winter.  To celebrate the book's New Year's release, I'm having a month-long FIND DILLON contest. All you have to do is send an email to JoAnn at JoAnnRoss dot com and let me know where in the world you've spotted a copy of Sea Glass Winter. One lucky person, chosen at random, will receive the following cool gifts.  The winner will be announced on the news section of my homepage, this blog, Facebook and Twitter on Friday, February 1st.

Prizes are a set of twenty 5x7 note cards featuring four exquisite photos of sea glass on the covers of five cards each and approximately four dozen pieces of glycerine soaps created to look like the beautiful pieces of glass found on our Pacific beaches, lightly scented with Shelter Bay's fresh sea air fragrance.

 But that's not all! The best part of this contest is this vibrant, historical 7/8" aqua blue vibrant, one-of-a-kind Pacific coast gem necklace. The glass likely originates from decades old canning jar glass that someone's grandma discarded and has been tumbling along a remote Pacific shore for years until the jewelry maker found it while beachcombing.  (Just like Claire in Sea Glass Winter!) Set with a "mermaid's tail," it comes on an 18" sterling silver chain.

And here's today's teaser, which takes place right after Dillon has left Claire to spend the night in an adjoining Portland hotel room after her gallery show. Which wasn't easy for him to do. But as an athlete, rather than go for the quick score, he's determined to play the long game.  

 He's lying in bed, alone and suffering, when the door between their rooms opens.

"This is just for tonight," Claire said.

She was wrong. But Dillon knew this was no time to argue the point.  

"Deal."  He turned off the TV, then pushed aside the sheets to go to her, but she held up a hand.

"This is my decision," she said.  "My move."

Again, there was no way he was going to argue with that. Desire had claws as he forced himself to lie there on his back. Wanting. Waiting.

And then she was standing at the end of the bed, bathed in the colored lights of the city outside the tower's windows.

"I want you, Dillon."  She undid the first button on the white nightshirt.  "I think I've wanted you since that first moment in the gym."

Another button.

"I remember it well."

"Do you?"  She smiled like the seductress he suspected she just might have lurking inside her.  "Sometimes I lie in bed at night and think about what might have happened if you'd just taken me. Right there and then."

Two more buttons opened, revealing breasts that gleamed like porcelain in the lights from the bridge below. 

"I think one of us would've gotten a really bad floor burn," he managed as he struggled not to swallow his tongue.

"Probably."  She sighed.  Then, with a flick of her fingers, she released the final button and shrugged the shirt off her shoulders, where it fell to the carpet in a pool of white satin.  

"You want me, Dillon?"

"Only like I want to breathe."

She held out her arms to him.  "Then take me."

One lucky person who comments, chosen at random, will receive either an autographed copy of one of my Shelter Bay backlist books, or a copy of A Woman's Heart, the first in my Irish Castlelough trilogy (which also appears in Moonshell Beach), or a book of Oregon coast photos taken where my Shelter Bay series is set.  Winner's choice and the name will be announced here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter next Tuesday, January 15th. 




calstephanie said...

I just finished reading that passage in the book! LOL Really enjoying Sea Glass Winter! <3

Diane J said...

love it

Sue Peace said...

I love your Shelter Bay series!!! A place I'd love to be!!

Kathleen O said...

oh I do so love this book. And I love series..This Tuesday Teaser was a great one.

Debby said...

What a great teaser. I have to go out and get this story.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Eileen A-W said...

I am so loving your Shelter Bay series. I can not wait to read it. Great teaser.

Martha Lawson said...

I'm behind on this series! Got to get caught up. Thanks for the chance.

cheryl c said...

Wicked teaser! ;-)
It sure makes you want to read what happens next.

Marjorie R said...

I just picked up my copy today and am about to start reading it. I can't wait until I get to the scene you just described! What a tease you are.

Alyse Aanestad said...

Love it, and I'm really glad I already have the book! haha

Ellory said...

I'm not sure if my IPad comment made it through.

I picked up the book yesterday and am totally enjoying. I've been remiss in keeping up with Joann's books. Now I have some back reading to do, too.

Quilt Lady said...

What a great teaser, would love to read this book.