Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Castaway Cove

This week's excerpt is from Castaway Cove, (Shelter Bay # 6), which I recently finished writing. Although the publication date in the back of Sea Glass Winter says July, it'll actually be out August 6th.  

After recovering from wounds caused by a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, former American Forces Radio deejay Mac Culhane has left the Air Force and moved his young daughter to Shelter Bay where he's gotten a job at the small coastal town's only radio station. 

But he's finding transition to civilian life as a single dad more than a little challenging:

Mac flat out hated Saturday nights.  The only two things worse, he decided, as he pulled into the KBAY radio station parking lot, were Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, when the bar to have the best time ever was raised so high, you'd need to a pole to vault over it.
 Apparently his was a minority opinion, because everyone at Bon Temps, where he'd stopped in for a late supper after putting Emma to bed, seemed to be having themselves a high old time.  Sax Douchett had brought in an Alabama cover band from Corvallis for Country Night at the Cajun restaurant and the small dance floor had been crowded.  One guy and his date had stood in the center, ignoring all the couples doing the boot scooting boogie around them as they'd slowly swayed, lost in their own lovely dovey world. 
Although he'd fling himself off the Shelter Bay bridge before admitting it, the sight of the guy's hands on the woman's jean-clad butt, had caused a sharp, hot spike of lust, not unlike what he'd felt when he'd run into that woman at Still Waters earlier. 
When he’d muttered to Sax that they ought to get a room, the former SEAL had laughed, put a bowl of fiery hot nuts on the bar in front of him and suggested that he just needed to get laid.

Easier said than done.  Not that there weren’t plenty of willing applicants.  But he wasn’t interested in going back to single night hookups, not now that he was a father.  His daughter had already lost her mother.  The last thing she needed was for a parade of strange women in his life.

Besides, if he were to have sex, it’d have to be nooners, because his nights were no longer free. Although he'd originally taken the night gig so he could be home during the day with Emma, Mac had discovered that whenever he was alone in the dark, his ghosts visited, dragging with them a litany of negative choices, failed promises, and what ifs.

At least when he was on the air, he was connecting with other people -- night shift workers, long-haul truckers, and lonely people who, like him, were struggling to avoid that lonely dark ride on the night train of regrets. 

That's it for this week!  I hope you'll stop back for Friday photo. Also, I chat most days with readers on Facebook and would love to have you join us!  




girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Thank you for the lovely little snippet!! Looking foward to it!

Kathleen O said...

I will be giving myself a birthday present instead of my brother, as this book come on his birthday... Can't wait to read it....

Quilt Lady said...

Love the sound of this book, I can't wait to read it.

Eileen A-W said...

Thank you for the teaser. I am currently reading Sea Glass Winter. I can't wait 5 more months to read Castaway Cove! Okay, I can wait, but . . . You didn't mention it, but how old, or how young, is Mac's daughter?

JoAnn Ross said...

Thanks all!

Eileen, Emma's about to enter first grade.

Alyse Aanestad said...

I'm looking forward to reading the whole story! :-)