Monday, March 18, 2013

Geo the dog hero

Another reason to love dogs.  (For those who may not know, we are currently sharing our lives with three rescued dogs.) 

Ten year old  Charlie Riley was walking with his mom and brothers in an Essex, England town when a pickup truck suddenly came around the corner and jumped the curb.  Geo, a seven month old German Shepherd Collie mix, knocked Charlie out of the way, taking the hit himself. 

Although he has a broken back and leg, after surgeries the vet believes he'll make a full recovery and will go home next week.  Charlie now, understandably, calls him Geo the Hero.  He even has his own Facebook page, for those interested in updates and contributing to his eight thousand pound (!!!) vet bill. 

Growing up we had a collie who saved my little sister after she'd fallen -- unnoticed -- into an irrigation ditch.  Needless to say, after that, she could sleep on any piece of furniture she wanted!  


Carol L said...

What a wonderful story and a priceless family member! Dogs are so much more than pets! Thanks for sharing this amazing story!

Bettina said...

Great story, in this case thankfully with a good outcome for both the boy and the dog!!! He really is a hero.

A Friend of ours who breed Borzoi in France had a similar experience a couple of years ago. She was walking the brother of our Borzoi, his name was Frant, in a small town north of Nîmes and an SUV jumped on the curb. Frant muscled her out of the way and was struck by the car. She had no injury at all, but Frant died a short time later in her arms. The driver sped away and was never caught.

Frant is our canine hero and every year on his birthday, all those of us who have one of his brothers or sisters lift a glass in his honor!

So... this year, ( the birthday is in April), we will also add Geo the Hero to the list of honorees, he deserves a toast as well!