Thursday, June 20, 2013

Early Castaway Cove review from RT BookReviews

Here's an excerpt from a lovely early RT Bookreviews review for Castaway Cove, which will be out August 6th. I left out the story synopsis, since the back cover copy, on the book page at my website, essentially tells much the same thing. 

"The Shelter Bay series has been a pleasure to read. These are low-key stories, pure romance, set in a nice town, with characters who are good people. There are returning soldiers, but they do not have problems they cannot handle, and the townspeople are fairly supportive while reflecting real-life America. Ross reminds us that our normal lives are worth writing about, and that regular lives have stories to share. . . .  

"Love is definitely in the air in Shelter Bay. Will the breeze be strong enough to catch two wounded hearts and wrap them into a new whole?"

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Peaces of Me said...

I can't wait to get back for a visit in Shelter Bay! Love your books!