Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday photos: Mt Rainier and Muir Cabin getaway

As some of you may know, Mt. Rainier is my mother mountain. Although I grew up able to see magnificent Mt. Shasta (which Sweetie's mother climbed, and he's skied from the summit) from my bedroom window, Rainier has held a special place in my heart since I first viewed it when I was thirteen.  I've spent many trips hiking around the Wonderland trail at the base, and we've hiked up where we were enveloped by clouds in the past.  

This photo was taken last summer. 

And this is the mountain from my neighborhood on a clear day.  (And yes, I did use my telephoto lens for this one.) 

 So, this week's blog photos are closer to home than usual.  About forty-seven miles away and two miles from the entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park is our fave ever mountain getaway, Muir cabin.   
 This is the drive up to the cabin, which is set on 2.5 totally private acres with 750 feet of creek frontage: 
 And this is the first view of the cabin, which is so remote, if we don't leave, which we didn't this past week, we never see or hear another person:
Did I mention the wraparound porch? 
 The minute we walk in, we feel at home. 
 Both bedrooms have amazing wooded views, but the master is spectacular because it over looks Copper Creek. 
This is the Rainier snowmelt rushing off the creek, which is about 20' from the cabin, but you're high enough that you don't have to worry about flooding.  

It also comes with a hot tub, next to the creek and steps from the cabin. 

And no, I'm not getting a penny to rave about this. It's just such a special place, where if you can't relax the minute you turn off the Park Highway onto the private, unmarked road, you can't relax anywhere.  There's no TV (though you can play DVDs, which we didn't bother with), which doesn't matter, because who wants to hear that artificial noise when you can to go sleep and wake up to the sound of rushing mountain water tumbling over rocks?

We're just home, but I'm already waiting to go back!

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, and a super 4th of July next week! While you're enjoying your holiday cookouts, please keep our military men and women, past and present, in your thoughts.  Because they're the reason we have an Independence Day to celebrate!




Jeannie Moon said...

This is gorgeous. I imagine time spent here is completely rejuvenating.

Peaces of Me said...

I would love to be there!!!

Mountain Girl said...

This is so beautiful, JoAnn. I feel the same way about a cabin we go to near the Smokies. It is very high up and we can see for miles.

Kathy Ashworth said...

Oh Miss JoAnn---there is something magical about the moutains as they truly are God's country. Beautiful place, just beautiful.

Paula S. said...

Fabulous post JoAnn! This looks like a really special place and I feel like I took a mini vacation just reading about it. Beautiful photos too! Have a great 4th of July.