Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Castaway Cove with book giveaway

Although it seems like forever since I turned in Mac and Annie's story last fall, this is the LAST Tuesday Teaser before Castaway Cove  -- yay!! -- goes on sale next Tuesday. Which is when I'll be announcing a fun, month-long contest with lots of cool stuff. So, let's just get right to it: 

"You realize we’ve probably just landed ourselves on the front page of the Shelter Bay Sentinel,” Annie said as they drove away from the farmhouse restaurant, back toward town. 

“You’re overestimating our importance,” Mac said.  “We’ll probably land somewhere between the notice of the Taste of Shelter Bay festival and the police report.

"Which last week consisted of a call about a suspicious car stopping at mailboxes, which turned out to be the mail carrier," she said.  "Another mailbox was vandalized when someone painted a yellow smiley face on it and a domestic disturbance reported by a neighbor next door to a home where the couple who lived there turned out to be engaging in 'vigorous sexual role play.'"

"Don't forget the pool of blood on the pier," he said.

"Which turned out to be spilled Pinot Noir."  She'd laughed when she'd read that one.  "So, the top crime on the Shelter Bay police report hit parade was two cars stopping on a Forest Service road outside of town, some teenage boys getting out, having a fist fight, then getting back into their cars and driving away.”

“The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club.  And you don’t sound all that upset.”

Annie shrugged. “It was a little unsettling, since I'm not used to being in the spotlight.  But everyone was already speculating about us.  At least we’ve livened things up until the next excitement.”

“Someone’s bound to get drunk on the Fourth and do something stupid,” Mac said encouragingly. “That should take the heat off us.”

“I’m not sure.  Especially since the Mayor made that proclamation declaring Shelter Bay the ‘Romance Capital of the Oregon Coast’ and decided to add a matchmaking day as part of the Fourth of July weekend festival.”

“That’s a plus. There'll be lots of other couples to focus on so we won’t be stuck in the bull’s- eye.” 

Annie only wished they’d be so lucky, but doubted they would, especially once they showed up with Emma and Mac’s father.  Wouldn’t that get speculative tongues wagging?

“Though Sedona and her date didn’t exactly look as if they’re going to be part of those festivities,” he said as he turned onto Harborview, which ran along the bay.  Most of the commercial boats were out to sea, though more sailboats were skimming across the water, sails raised to catch the wind.   

“He’s some rich tech guy who was interviewing her for a start-up he’s doing,” she explained.  “A matrix match-up service that supposedly fixes you up with your perfect partner.  Like that’s going to work."

“You never know."  He opened the sunroof, then rolled down both front windows enough to let the fresh air in.  "Look at us.”

“We didn’t meet online.

“No.  But the situation was much the same.  We probably talked more honestly because we didn’t know each other than if we had, at least that first night you called in.”

And wasn’t that what she’d been thinking herself?

“We did skip past all that early getting to know you stuff,” she said.  “Like favorite foods, music, top three fave movies —”

“That’s an easy one.  The Godfather Platoon.  And Die Hard.  Oh, and I’m adding a fourth. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

“Ah, the usual guns, guts, and glory.”  She wasn’t the least bit surprised.

“I am a guy.  We like that stuff.”  The hot-guy look he shot her spurred a bone melting desire that had her rethinking her moratorium on men.   “Your turn.”

“It’s hard to pick just three.  Or even four.  But I tend to lean more toward the classics.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  When Harry Met Sally.  Dirty Dancing.”

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” he said, quoting the famous line from her third choice. 

“You’ve seen it?”  Unlike his other choices, it didn't have a single weapon in it.

“Since women usually end up choosing the video for movie nights, once you reach a certain age, odds are you’ve seen that one.” He made the right turn toward the iron drawbridge leading out of town.  “Swayze was always pretty much a guy’s guy, even when he was dancing, which made watching it not that much of a sacrifice.”

Annie was thinking that she wouldn’t mind if Midnight Mac put her in a corner.  Up against the wall, with her skirt hitched up, and her legs wrapped around his waist. . .

And she was totally losing her mind.

That's it!  One person who comments will win an autographed copy of any backlist Shelter Bay book, A Woman's Heart  the first book in my Irish series, where Mary, from Moonshell Beach first appeared as a tempestuous Goth teenager), or, since I just happen to have some author's copies, Mac and Annie's Castaway Cove.  Winner's choice.  The winner will be announced on my Friday photo blog post.  

And I still haven't heard from Susan Thompson, who won two weeks ago. So, if you're out there, Susan, just email your post office mailing address to JoAnn (at) JoAnnRoss (dot) com and let me know which book you'd like. 

Good luck to everyone and have a super rest of your week! 



Judy Brown said...

Wow, looking forward to next Tuesday, it sounds like an exciting day. If I don't win a copy today then I'll be at the book store bright & early next week. I've read all the books in the series and am impatient for this next one. Thanks for the excerpt, it was great.

Joan Dieker said...

Looking forward to reading your latest book! Love them all... one of my faves of your from a few years back was the Callahan Brothers Trilogy. Jack, Finn, and Nate were such fun to get to know!!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

YEa!!!! It's almost here!!! Publication Day!!

Kathleen O said...

Oh yes.. the anticipation is making me crazy.. Can't wait until next week...

Karen M said...

The wait is almost over! I absolutely love this series & am looking forward to reading Castaway Cove! Granted I have never won anything in my life, I decided to give it a try! Whether I win or not, I will definitely still read the book one way or another! Congrats on all of your success...wish you only the best today & always!

Heather said...

Hooray! I'd love to win! Thanks!

Eileen A-W said...

Just one more week and I will hopefully have my hands, or eyes, on this book. YAY!!!

Alyse Aanestad said...

Can't believe it's only a week away - awesome!

byAnnette said...

Only one week to go!!

Melissa T. said...

One more week! :) Hooray!

Peaces of Me said...

I excited about next week!!! :)

My husband and I were on the mainland yesterday and coming home on the ferry found an Oregon tourist magazine...loved looking at it! We really hope to go there again!

Shari said...

Can't wait for next Tuesday. Looking forward to reading Castaway Cove.

bookworm54 said...

Can't wait to get my hands on Castaway Cove, love the whole series! fiorecarole1954@yahoo.com

Marylouise DiMiero said...

I cannot wait for this new installment. I loved all the others. I really enjoy your writing and I feel like I'm right there in Shelter Bay!

Anne said...

Oooo...Can't wait to read Castaway Cove! Love all the Shelter Bay books but how can I not want to read about a heroine named Annie?? :-D


Kelli Jo said...

Oh, I just CANNOT wait to read this one!!! Tuesday can't get here fast enough! Mac sounds delicious!

Sharlene said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Can't wait to read it!

JoAnn Ross said...

Tuesday teaser winner, chosen by Random.org, is Karen M! Karen, if you'll send your post office mailing address to Joann (at) joannross (dot) com, and let me know which book you'd like, we'll get it off to you.

Thanks to all who commented and have a wonderful weekend!