Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Photo and Castaway Cove hits the New York Times!

First of all, huge thanks and smooches to all the fabulous readers who took Mac and Annie home with you and helped Castaway Cove hit #8 (out of 20) on the New York Times bestseller list, and #38 on USA Today its first week on sale!  The second list includes not just fiction, but all books published last week, including nonfiction, childrens' books, cookbooks, business, self-help, etc.  

This week's Friday photo is from a town that's one of the models for Shelter Bay.  The Yaquina Bay lighthouse is the only existing wooden lighthouse in Oregon.  Built in 1871, when the bay was the busiest port between Puget Sound and San Francisco, it's currently operated by the Coast Guard and has been lovingly restored for visitors.  It's also, as the best lighthouses tend to be, rumored to be haunted.  

Have a great weekend!