Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Photo: It's a Castaway Cove cat!

It's been such a fun release week for Castaway Cove.  I am so loving readers' responses to Mac and Annie's story!  This week's photo is from fab reader and Facebook friend, Judy Flohr, who sent in a picture of her cat Sammy, who obviously has excellent taste in books. LOL   He also looked exactly like Fang, a cat Sweetie and I had when we first got married.  

Hopefully, he's more easy going than Annie's cat, Pirate.  Smooches to both Judy and Sammy and have a great weekend everyone!  




Pam said...

Too cute!

Judy F said...

Thanks JoAnn. Sammy isn't happy with me today. Doesn't like me cleaning

Rachele said...