Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday photo: Mt. Rainier retreat & Ireland

We just got home from Mt. Rainier, where we were hanging out at this amazingly private and beautiful cabin, where I was so relaxed I actually forgot Wednesday is New York Times and USA Today list announcement day.  So, it was a fun surprise when my editor emailed me that Castaway Cove is spending its second week on the printed NYT and USA Today, and still #2 at Barnes and Noble!  We said "Yay!" and thought about all the wonderful readers who helped put Mac and Annie on the lists, then went back to watching the creek tumble over the rocks. 

I'm feeling in an Irish frame of mind, so here's a glimpse of the Emerald Isle, which, to me, instills that same peaceful, away-from-the-real-world feeling we were so fortunate to experience this past week.  

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


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