Thursday, November 7, 2013

PNW humidity fun hair day pics

According to the internet weather report, it's 97 percent  humidity here in the Pacific Northwest this morning for hair day.  But the rain's hammering down, which you'd think would make it 100%.  

Whatever, at least new hair always gets taken out to dinner. It's a marriage rule Sweetie and I have both enjoyed for many years.  :)   

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you return for tomorrow's Friday photo.  



Toni said...

LOL! So that explains my hair today. :-)

Donna Nuce said...

So cute! I am so glad I live in Colorado where "normally" we don't have too much humidity. Have to say this year has been a little bit of a challenge in that area. Especially since I have naturally curly hair that gets all frizzy with humitity!