Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quarantine and snow photo

It's the eighteenth day of my bronchitis and day three of Sweetie's cold.  I keep expecting some county health official to show up with a quarantine sign for our door, like  what happened when I had childhood measles.

Okay, maybe it didn't say exactly that, but it felt like it when my friends couldn't come visit and had to talk to me through the window screen. 

But, enough whining because at least we're here in the Pacific Northwest, where all we had to deal with when we took the dogs out this morning was fog and frost, which was actually very pretty. 

To all of you in storm zones, stay warm and safe!  And this seems like a good time to stay indoors with a good book. Or two.  




Donna Hanley said...

JoAnn, I'm so very sorry to hear that both you and sweetie are under the weather. I get bronchitis almost every year and it is not fun at all, so I feel your pain. I had a bad cold a few days before Christmas and it still keeps rearing it's ugly head every now and then. The doc says it will probably last a month, so warn sweetie. There are so many things going around it is very hard to stay healthy. I will keep you in my thoughts and please know I am sending best wishes to you both to feel better real soon. It is very cold here today -4 this morning and we got about 9-12 inches of snow (depending on where you were standing) the other day, but still happy I'm not in some other areas of the country that are having even more problems and frigid temps. I guess we are two lucky ducks, huh?

Sherry Hickey said...

Hi JoAnn! Just want to echo everything Donna said so well! Bronchitis is difficult and exhausting. I hope it releases its grip on you soon! I used to get it often before I started allergy shots. It's awful; drink lots of water, tons of it, and rest as much as you can. Feel better!!

Rufus said...

Just want to echo what Donna and Sherry have already said. So sorry to hear that both you and Sweetie are ill. Here's hoping that both of you feel better ASAP!

Melissa T. said...

I hope you both are well soon. We have been lucky so far this year with only my 12 year old having some sort of virus that makes her sound like she is barking like a seal. Sending positive thoughts your way! :)

Rebecca King said...

So sorry you are ill. Hope you are seeing a doctor. Eighteen days is a long time to have broncitis. I will be praying for yor quick recovery. Hugs, Rebecca

JoAnn Ross said...

Donna, I'm sorry about your month-long cold, but seriously hope Sweetie doesn't suffer from THE WORST MAN COLD EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET for that many days!

Thanks, Sherry! I hate drinking water when I have a sore throat, but I've been downing gallons, which helps.

Thanks Rufus!

Melissa, so sorry about your daughter, but you made me laugh with that seal description. :)

Thanks Rebecca!

Charlie said...

ANother member of the bronchitis "club" and not loving it. I cough in the morning and until lunchtime - and again late evening. Get well soon both of you. Greetings from Denmark. =0)

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