Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Photo: New website and horses grazing near River's Bend

My shiny new website is now live!  I think it's so pretty, and soon this blog will match. Yay!  

After finishing a book, I'm back with Friday photos, and I hope you like this one.  It's from Southern Oregon, where Sweetie and I grew up.  (Though he was a "town boy.") 

 I've fished many, many days on that river, and cried from homesickness the entire first year we lived in the Arizona desert.  It's also where my new River's Bend trilogy (which spins off my Shelter Bay series) is set.  The first book will go on sale in just a few days, so stay tuned! 


Carol L said...

TFS the beautiful photo, and it's good to see you posting again!

Rufus said...

Oh my, how gorgeous is this?! No wonder you cried when you left it. Just a few more days till a new book?? YAHOOOOO!

Peaces of Me said...

Love your new website! I could not imagine not living close to the water! we loved the Oregon coast :). I am so excited with all your books coming out! I didn't realize River's Bend was so close! Is it ebook only?

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

It is easy to see why you were so homesick in Arizona!

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